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18:30, TechHub Bucharest
The social and geographical circumstances that we now have in Europe create the perfect conditions for building security products. The focus on online privacy and the demand from the public for tech products that would protect their devices is increasing, so tech startups have room for innovation in this high-growth sector. If you have a vision for such a product, join us for a talk on the benefits and challenges of building security solutions in Europe.
Life at TechHub
I enjoy working at TechHub as you can choose how and where you work, plus there's a buzz of quiet activity which keeps you going all day. When you want a break there's plenty going on inside and outside the building. People are all willing to give advice and help and there's plenty of opportunity to have an after work beer.
Roland White from Ginger Guru
some of our members

20 Aug 2014 13:10

Game publishing can be a very challenging process is you're after the big markets, where the obstacles are as big as the rewards. But with good advice and guidance from experienced people, you can turn this into a great experience for you and your team. Early his week, we had two prominent guests at TechHub Bucharest, William James Heathershaw, Developer Relations, International Marketing at SkyMobi and ...

18 Aug 2014 09:36

The talks at TechHub Bucharest are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect, to learn, and for ecosystems to build bridges to one another. All it takes is getting together in the same room. This was the mood on Thursday evening, when Yann Girard came to TechHub Bucharest to share his experience with the local community, as part of his effort to Raise Awareness for Entrepreneurship in the CEE.

18 Jul 2014 12:18

The team at Amazon Web Services has a new startup program for our early stage companies. The program, AWS Activate, provides you with the following: